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"Thanks to all on this page who have confirmed their addresses.
The following list will be updated as we confirm additional contact information."

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Last Name First Name Given Name
(First, Middle)
Married Name Photo Bio Date Deceased
Then Now
Sanderson Paul Paul, Steven Sept 9, 2014
Schnacker Marvin Marvin, W.     2-15-1988
Scott Roberta Roberta, Jean November 16, 2022
Scoville Robert Robert, Charles   7-4-2001
Shaver Sharon Sharon, Sue Abernathy     1-16-2002
Shea Paul Paul, F.     5-00-1971
Shores Christina Christina, Margaret Wilder   12-12-2010
Smith Gene Gene,     4-00-1971
Smith Jack Jack, Edward     4-7-1989
Snyder Judy Judith, Anne Guich   Feb 9, 2014
Sowers Jack John, G. April 3, 2016
Spengler Claire Stella Claire, Bellin   July 13, 2023
Steese Gary Gerald Lee 'Gary', 11-29-2005
Steinke Jerry Jerome 'Jerry', J. 6-8-2006
Stephens Gary Gary, Phillip     9-29-1992
Stewart Pam Pamela Ann, Houser   8-18-2005
Stinson Gary Gary, Lee   3-14-2009
Stively Marjorie Marjorie, Ruth Collins     9-19-2001
Stracke Wayne Wayne, L.   5-5-2011
Sturman Jeff Jeffrey, P.     11-9-2002
Sullivan Donna Donna, J.     00-00-0000
Thompson III Skip Louis, E.   6-00-1990
Wirth Schulyer Schulyer, Barton   July 13, 2013
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