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The following list will be updated as we confirm additional contact information."

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Last Name First Name Given Name
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Married Name Photo Bio Date Deceased
Then Now
Jacobson Marky Marylyn, K   10-21-2002
Jadwin Mike Michael, William   9-21-1998
Johnson Lamar Lamar, Theron 7-10-2005
Johnson Nancy Nancy, Ann     3-00-1979
Jones John John, Raymond     8-14-1998
Kelley Jim James, Patrick May 15, 2013
Long Jim James, William Jan 26, 2018
Lyon Jim James, M. August 11, 2023
Mowrey Janice Janice, Ruth Roman   3-13-2005
Murdock Jim James, Alan August 22, 2017
Nash Jim James, L. 6-18-2011
Owens Jerry Jerry, E.     2-1-1999
Smith Jack Jack, Edward     4-7-1989
Snyder Judy Judith, Anne Guich   Feb 9, 2014
Sowers Jack John, G. April 3, 2016
Steinke Jerry Jerome 'Jerry', J. 6-8-2006
Sturman Jeff Jeffrey, P.     11-9-2002
Taylor Jill Jill, S. Johnston     07-30-07
Thrash John John, Evan   10-11-2004
Webreck Jacqueline Jacqueline, J.     8-7-2003
Wilson Johnny John, Steven 12-28-2019
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