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Hoover Guys Lunch August 9, 2016

L to R - John "Bullet" Bales, Ken Kurasz, Lu Hersh, Ron Baxter, Tony Landisi, Peter Webber, John "Howie" Read, Fred Baptiste, John Prosser, Bob Blanchard, and Jim Pagliuso '63 (John Muckel not in the photo, since I took the photo)


Hoover High Class of '62 NW Mini-Reunion August 5, 2016 Kirkland, WashingtonL to R, Steve Gallon CVH '63, Linda Witten (Gallon), Mary Ann Reip (Hymel), Forrest Beaty, Jack Kniseley '60, Pam Hepburn (Kniseley), John Naye, and Sam Alexander

Hoover High Class of '62 Mini-Reunion ~ August 12, 2015 ~ Kirkland, Washington

L to R, Mary Ann Reip (Hymel), Sam Alexander, Pam Hepburn (Kniseley), Jack Kniseley '60, Pam Brightman (Etzler), John Naye, Shanna Adler (Monson), Linda Witten (Gallon), and Steve Gallon CVH '63

Plus Previous Get Togethers 2004 to Present

Eight Washington And Oregon Classmates Gather in Kirkland, WA -- April 2004 

(Left to Right) Marilyn Loustaunou, Dick Quinn, Pam Brightman(Etzler), Linda Witten (Gallon), Pam Hepburn (Kniseley), Ron Gould, Mary Ann Reip (Hymel), & Herb Depp


Another Mini Reunion June 26th at

Whidbey Island, WA

(Left to Right) Linda Whitten (Gallon), Pam Brightman (Etzler), Marilyn Loustaunou,  Pam Hepburn (Kniseley), Ron Gould,  and Mary Ann Reip (Hymel)


Another Mini Reunion Sept 11th at

Whidbey Island, WA

(Left to Right) Pam Hepburn (Kniseley),  Ron Gould,  Shanna Adler (Monson),  Fred Benthin,  Linda Whitten (Gallon),  Jim Long,  and Mary Ann Reip (Hymel) + Mark Erlander


Herb Depp, Mary Ann Reip (Hymel), Jim & Karla Long - March 18, 2007 - Kirkland, WA


Hoover High Mini-Reunion - Kirkland, Washington - April 14, 2008

Jack Kniseley ' 60, Steve Gallon ' 63 CV, Pam Hepburn, Fred Benthin, Linda Witten, Mary Ann Reip, Herb Depp & Shanna Adler


Jan 31, 2011 Bob's Toluca Lake
Left to Right Mike Zabaro, Pete Webber, Wayne Lund, Scott Atkinson, Rich Wisman (seated), John Muckel (hiding under the cheeseburger), Ron Barkley (seated), Jeff Lindeman, Jim Pagliuso (front), Jim Nash (back)
Jackie Campbell's 80th Birthday

Laurel Underwood (Wiley) '62, Jackie, Donna Moody (Woolard) '62

Jackie Campbell in the middle surrounded by friends at he 80th birthday


A gorgeous evening on Lake Washington @ Carillon Point. August 2013


Steve Gallon, Mary Ann Reip (Hymel), Pam Brighton (Etzler),
Sam Alexander, Pam Hepburn (Knisley), Linda Witten (Gallon),
& Shanna Adler (Monson)


Hoover classmates Mary Ann Reip, Wayne Langpap, John Naye, Jim Pagliuso, Sam Alexander & Steve Brady in Bellevue, Washington on November 8, 2014.

Hoover High '62 Mini-Reunion - June 19, 2015 - Kirkland, Washington

L to R Linda Witten (Gallon), John Naye, Mary Ann Reip (Hymel), Steve Gallon (CV '63), Shanna Adler (Monson)